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Dreams … What do they mean?

Has God Spoken to You in a Dream?

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NOVEMBER 16, 2016


Most dreams I have are just the random I-ate-too-close-to-bedtime or anxiety-type dreams. BUT there have been times when I know a dream was a message I needed to receive. God has always spoken to His children through dreams and visions and scripture tells us He is unchanging.  If you have ever asked, “What do my dreams mean?” … You are in the right place!  We can help with typical biblical symbolism and if you put your dream details in the comments below, we will help with some direction to understand your dream.

Daniel 6:26:  For his God is the living, unchanging God whose kingdom shall never be destroyed and whose power shall never end.

Acts 2:16-18: Living Bible (TLB)  16 No! What you see this morning was predicted centuries ago by the prophet Joel— 17 ‘In the last days,’ God said, ‘I will pour out my Holy Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men dream dreams. 18 Yes, the Holy Spirit shall come upon all my servants, men and women alike, and they shall prophesy.

I ‘m ashamed to say there are times I am so busy and involved in my daily life that the only way God can speak to me is in my dreams. That is when He has my full, undivided attention. I have received many dreams that have given me direction or shown me that God is in control of situations and circumstances in my life. I’ve had both premonition and instructional dreams and there is a distinct difference. A premonition dream lets me see, in part, what is ahead so that I know God is preparing the way and I won’t fear what is coming. BUT, an instructional dream requires my participation in some way. Our free will allows us to just ignore the dream and/or instruction and go about life without participating in God’s plan. However, studying the dreams we are given, praying for guidance and participating with God brings blessings and incredible joy.

The dreams that are from God are vivid and will continuously come to mind, whereas other dreams will fade and disappear usually almost as soon as I awaken. I still remember many of the dreams God has given me with vivid detail and when I pray over them I gain more clarity with time.

These God-given dreams are very symbolic and the symbolism can be very specific to the dreamer, as God knows the symbolism that only the dreamer will understand. In dream interpretation,Dream-Not-Interpreted there are many symbols (such as numeric symbols) that are standard through scripture reference and Biblical reference:

Numeric Symbolism/Meanings in Dreams:

  • 1 – this number is symbolic of God, Deut. 6:4
  • 2 – symbolic of unity and Christian work, Lk.10:1-3
  • 3 – this is the number of the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Matt. 28:19
  • 4 – a symbol of the heavens, angels, or God’s created intelli­gences, Ezek. 1:5
  • 5 – a symbol of fruitfulness and blessing, Gen. 1:20-23
  • 6 – this is the number for humanity, Gen. 1:26
  • 7 – this is the number of completion and perfection, Gen 2:1-2
  • 8 – this can symbolize infinity or a new beginning
  • 9 – this can symbolize ingratitude, Lk.17:17
  • 10 – this number may symbolize a tithe or God’s portion, Gen. 14:20. Ten can also symbolize law and government
  • 11 – symbolic of a prophetic anointing
  • 12 – the number for an apostolic commission
  • 13 – the number thirteen is representative of bad luck by many non-Christians. The number thirteen can symbolize an impending attack by your enemies, Esther 3:12-13
  • 18 – symbolic of a valiant person, 1 Ch. 26:9
  • 24 – the number for an elder in the Church or elderly wisdom, Rev. 4:10
  • 50 – symbolic of jubilation, being set free from debt, Lev. 25:10
  • 70 – symbolic of exile, punishment, and captivity by an en­emy, Dan. 9:2
  • 80 – symbolic of a strong and full life, Ps. 90:10
  • 99 – symbolic of a lost sheep or prodigal son, Matt. 18:12
  • 300 – symbolic of valiant men, Judges. 7:6
  • 666 – symbolic of the end times, the beast of Revelation, and the number of man, Rev. 13:18
  • 700 – symbolic of choice warriors, accuracy in battle, Judges 20:15-16
  • 1,000 – symbolic of the millennial reign, Rev. 20:5
  • 144,000 – this is the number for martyrs, Rev. 14:3

Color-SymbolismColors Also Have Standard Meanings in Dreams:

  • Black – a figure in black is almost always an enemy. Black skies and dark surroundings indicate your mood or the spir­itual atmosphere of an area. Black is also symbolic of famine, Rev. 6:5
  • Blue – blue was the dominant color of the robes worn by Is­rael’s high priest, Ex. 28. Blue is symbolic of wisdom. Dream entities with dark blue eyes or dark blue colored skin can be demonic
  • Bronze – symbolic of strength, Micah 4:13
  • Brown – symbolic of earthly wisdom. Brown can also symbolize decay, Ezek. 47:12 NLT
  • Copper-symbolic of low monetary value and high utility, Deut. 8:9, Mk. 12:42
  • Gold – symbolic of wisdom and high-quality ministerial work, 1Cor. 3:12
  • Green – green means flourishing or life, Prov. 11:28
  • Grey – grey is symbolic of death, Rev. 6:8
  • Neon – neon colors are symbolic of attracting attention
  • Orange – connotative of earthly qualities. Orange can also symbolize danger
  • Pink – love
  • Purple – royalty, Lam. 4:5
  • Red – symbolic of rage, Isa. 63:2-3. Red can also symbolize war, Rev. 6:4
  • Scarlet – symbolic of the blood of Christ. Scarlet can also be symbolic of sin in someone’s life, Isa. 1:18
  • Silver – symbolic of the word of God, Ps. 12:6. Silver can also symbolize ministry, 1Cor. 3:12
  • White – symbolic of righteousness, Rev. 3:5
  • Yellow – the word yellow means shining or gleaming. Yellow refers to something of high value

Your Emotions in Your Dream:

The emotions we feel in the dream are also significant and should be noted along with all details the moment we wake up to maintain the clarity and avoid losing, or even adding, details that would prevent us from interpreting the dream accurately.

Ask God for revelation and truth about dreams and pray over the dream. Is the dream revealing something He wants to address in us, or is He revealing a situation that is ahead? We must recognize that seeing someone we know in a dream is not necessarily about that person. It could be something that we see in that person and God wants us to address in ourselves. We will always recognize the truth if we pray for God’s guidance and revelation.

In His love,


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  1. Hi Tammy, this was good reading for me because I have always wondered what is the significance of my dreams. I find myself waking up with a few memories of dreams that slip away and can’t seem to identify what they stand for. Your article kind of rings true for me because deep down I feel the answers I am looking for could be in the interpretation of dreams. Your explanation encourages me to ask God to clarify for me. That’s true. I haven’t asked. Good idea. Thank you Tammy

    1. JJ, I’m so glad you found some truth and encouragement in this.  I’m here if you need help with the symbolism or just need to talk out the dream.  I often find I gain better understanding as I’m telling someone about my dreams because I am more focused on describing my feelings, colors, etc.  Also, they might ask me a question that brings to light something I didn’t catch at first memory.

      Also, keeping a journal that I write the dreams in before getting up keeps the dream memories documented so I can go back and realize God’s hand, direction, and guidance was always there even after circumstances or occurrences in my life have played out.  It’s encouraging and stokes the fires of my passion for Him and His purposes in our lives.  

      He’s always there!

      In Him,


  2. Awesome read ! I loved the fresh and engaging content ! Thanks for sharing that !

    1. It is my pleasure. Thanks for commenting!


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