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Website: iLife Vacuum
Price: $150 – $260
Company Name/Data: iLIFE is headquartered in Shenzhen China.
Overall Rank: 4.3 out of 5

iLIFE has a wide range of robotic vacuums with a wide range of prices to match. Robotic vacuums have been around for years but were so expensive it prevented many of us from purchasing one. The Roomba was the first robotic vacuum I ever heard of. It immediately brought to mind the easy life of “The Jetsons” futuristic cartoon. We have come a long way since the 50’s and their “modern” conveniences. Who knew we would have such technology available to the average consumer !!! iLIFE is making it possible …

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1. Depending on the style you buy, these units offer wet and dry cleaning. There is a water reservoir that you use for mopping after you have done the vacuuming and recharge the unit.

2. Programmable for scheduled automatic start-up.

3. Returns to the charging base to recharge when battery power gets low.iLife X5 Picture

4. Learns the room for random patterns or has small area cleaning for spills.

5. Low profile allows it to get under beds, sofas and coffee tables.

6. Remote control (we're watching for WiFi capabilities for smart-home functions).

7. Tangle-free roller brush and powerful suction.

8. The iLIFE A4 even has a more powerful, deeper clean on the carpets. This one just has more power.

9. Extra replacement brushes and filters come with the unit.

10. Smart sensors for anti-bump for protecting your furniture and walls.

The Bad:

1. Had to buy 2, one for upstairs and one for downstairs (they haven’t developed legs to climb stairs yet. I could just carry it upstairs, but this allows more area to be cleaned without having to recharge anyway.

2. Make sure your cords aren’t laying on the floor. The brushes will get tangled up. Good for making me de-clutter and organize my cords.

3. Area rug fringe will get tangled (just tuck it under the rug and pull it out when company is coming).

4. Can be a little noisy if it’s in the same room with you. Still quieter than upright vacuums though.

So these things aren’t really bad after I think about it!

Who is the iLIFE Robotic Vacuum For?

Anyone who needs a little extra help keeping the floors clean. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, senior adults wanting a little help with cleaning chores, people with pets needing help keeping the pet hair vacuumed up and anyone that just thinks they are cute. We named ours like it was a pet and you might even catch us talking to it as it runs under our feet in the kitchen.

iLIFE Robotic Vacuum Options Pricing: (Prices subject to change)

1. iLIFE V3s $154.00 – 159.99 – Has remote control, multiple cleaning modes. Dry mopping only. Cleans an area of between 120 – 1 50 sq.m.

2. iLIFE V3s Pro $159.00 – Especially for families who keep pets. Has mopping feature. Good for hardwood and low-pile carpeting. Large RoadRover wheels will take it almost anywhere. Advanced sensors for better navigation. More powerful motor than V3s. Better battery life than V3 (90 – 110 minutes)Compare

3. iLIFE A4 $200.00 – Remote control, good for hardwood and low-pile carpeting and longer battery life than V3 versions. All floor types.

4. iLIFE A4s $195.99 – $225.00 – Same as A4, but with mopping feature. Better battery life and better performance on carpets than A4.

5. iLIFE V5s $108.99 – $180.99 – Comes with a remote and charging station. Dry mopping and vacuum. No wet mopping. More powerful motor with exceptional suction power so it’s better for carpets.

6. iLIFE V5S Pro $149.99 – $197.99 – Comes with remote control, mopping function and upgraded water tank and motor. With this cleaner, you can sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously. Dual charging. Self-charging and manual charging.

7. iLIFE A6 $189.99 to $249.99 – This unit has a brush roll that does not have bristles. It has rubber flaps that resemble a riverboat wheel. Allows better agitation and there are no bristles for hair and threads to wrap around. Larger cleaning area (180 – 200 sq.m.) No wet mopping.

8. iLIFE X5 $170 – $185.00 – (also known as the Chuwi X5). Offers vacuum function and mopping simultaneously. Cleans area of about 180 sq.m. Remote control included. Not for carpets. Shorter run time (about 90 minutes).

9. iLIFE V7s $139.99 – largest dirt bins of the bunch, but weakest motors. Wet mopping capability. Not as good for carpets as V5s.

10. iLIFE V7S Pro $149.99 – same as V7, but includes water tank for mopping function.

11. iLIFE V8S $259.99 – Bigger dirt bin capacity. Runs on low and medium-pile carpets without getting stuck. Dry and wet mopping feature. High-efficiency filtration system that is anti-allergen. Removes up to 99.97% of particles.

My Final Opinion of iLIFE Robotic Vacuum

I love this vacuum. I have the V4s and it is sufficient for my needs. Keep in mind that these units are for keeping floors clean, not initial cleaning. If there is heavy dirt already, it is advised to have carpets professionally cleaned or at least use a good upright vacuum for initial and periodic cleaning.

There are different versions offered so that if you only need a sweeper there are basic models. More powerful motor, better suction, and longer battery life will cost a bit more, but we’ve found these units are more affordable than other units with the same features and even units with fewer capabilities. We’re just waiting on WiFi versions. That will make them almost perfect!


5 Star Thumbs Up
Company: iLIFE

Where to Purchase: We recommend Amazon for purchasing … Buy it here

Price: 5 out of 5 (See Comparison Chart for Pricing)

Affordability: 5 out of 5

Unit Functionality: 5 out of 5

Product Support: 4.5 out of 5 (We haven’t needed it, but others have had a few complaints. Faulty units have been replaced with new ones at times, so there is customer support out there.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to post your question in the comments section below. I’m more than happy to respond and want to encourage your feedback as well.



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  1. Hi Tammy, thanks for this post and boy could I with one of these vacuums. I love the idea of putting it on and just watching it go and not having to guide it where I want it to go.

    My in-laws are both in their 80s and are not very good at getting around and this really would be a great item for them as well.

    I can honestly say to you that I did not even realise that you can purchase these, I thought they were something that would come out in the future so was delighted to see your post. You give a good account of the vacuum and what you can get it to do.

    I think I need to put one on my wish list for Christmas. Plenty time to save for it.

    1. Hi Cheryl,  I thought the same thing about it being futuristic and waited years to even check it out and see if it was affordable.  I knew the Roomba was out of my price range, but these are really affordable and work so well!  I have actually gotten a 3rd one because our bonus room upstairs is on a different level.  Each morning I can hear the little boogers start up and run.  I’ve gotten used to the noise (which really isn’t that bad) and just work away while they are running.  I get tickled when I hear my husband talking to them.  He’s such a goofball …

      Wishing you health, love, joy and happiness and easy life chores 😉


  2. thanks
    A very detailed review, And I like how you compare th ILIFE with other products.

    1. Thanks, Steph! I love this product … just in case you can’t tell 🙂 Be watching for more product and service reviews. Thanks for your comment.

      Wishing you health, love, joy and happiness and easy life chores 😉


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