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DreamersOur previous post, “What Do My Dreams Mean”, dealt mainly with symbolism in numbers and colors. We want to take a deeper look and reveal more about biblical dream symbols and even reveal a little more about dreams throughout history. Now we'll look at animals and what they symbolize.

I still believe God speaks to us through dreams. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is steadfast in His love for us and what father doesn't try to communicate His love and protection to his children. Why would our Heavenly Father be any different? He IS love and compassion. He is always communicating with us, even though we are too busy to hear or notice. He communicates through His Word, situations/circumstances, people and, yes, He speaks to us through dreams.

From the very start of the Bible, in Genesis, there is scripture of God providing dreams to reveal Himself, His plan, His love, and guidance. Joseph was shown he would have dominion over his family in a dream. He was able to interpret Pharaoh's dream. Through that dream, Joseph explained God was showing Pharaoh what he was about to do and it enabled them to prepare for famine.

The book of Daniel has one of the best-known dreams in the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar's dream of theDaniel-Image image of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay. Daniel did not dream it, but God showed him the dream in detail and then explained the dream to him so that he could interpret it for the King. No one but God would choose to do it this way. It establishes trust between the dreamer and the one interpreting. The king knew the truth immediately and acted on it.

Joseph and Mary were led through dreams to prepare for the arrival and even after the arrival of Christ. Joseph was told by an Angel in a dream it was okay to marry Mary. He was told in a dream to flee Bethlehem and even when to return to Nazareth.

Many of God's people have received dreams to reveal what is to come. Some were waking dreams/visions, but all were messages from God.

The symbolism of the idol in Daniel was used again in Revelation to allow us insight into what God will do again. Revelation can be a very confusing Book of the Bible, but if we break it down and use the symbolism that has been provided in earlier scripture it makes the navigation a little easier.

It is the same with our dream communication from God. He will use symbolism that is specific to the dreamer. We must work to pursue the communication so that we cherish the word that is given to us and act upon it or pray over it to have it unfold in God's perfect timing to help us to navigate through the storms and trials we encounter in our journey.

Even though symbolism is specific to the dreamer, there is some symbolism that has a common meaning in our dreams. The dreamer must pray to receive the truth and God will provide the answers.



Animal Symbols:

  • Alligator: Snake; monster; devious; distorted; ancient demon; large, evil creature that cannot be tamed with the natural strength of man; principality; evil spirit; ancient demonic control; only the Lord has power over; dragon. (Is. 27: 1; 51: 9; Job 7: 12; 26: 12-13; 41: 1-10; Ps. 74: 14; 104: 26; Rev. 6: 7; 9: 1-19; 13: 1-18)
  • Ant: Hardworking: ability to prepare; wisdom. (Prov. 6: 6-8; 30:25)


  • Bat: Night dweller; thought of to suck blood; unclean; flying creature often related to witchcraft and vampires. (Du. 14: 18; Is. 2: 19-21; Lev. 11: 19)
  • Bear: Evil men; danger; wicked ruler over poor people, vindictiveness that is severe; antichrist of the last days; end time dominion and rule; financial matters as in a bear market. (2 Sam. 17: 8; Dan. 7: 5; Is. 11: 7; Rev. 13: 2; Amos 5: 19; 2 Kings 2: 23-24; Prov. 17: 12)
  • Bees: Busybodies; gossip; a group of people; can produce sweet honey, or sting and wound; enemies that crowd around us. (1 Tim. 5: 13; Judges 14: 8; Du. 1: 44; Psalms 118: 12)
  • Bird: Holy Spirit; evil spirits; wicked rulers; nations that are hostile; Kingdom of God; a mother's love; God's provision. (Matt. 6: 29; 13: 32; 23: 37; Is. 46: 11)

C – D

  • Crane: Alone. (Is. 38: 14; Hos. 7: 11)
  • Camel: A servant's heart; to bear the load. (Gen. 24: 10, 31-32)
  • Cat: Unclean spirit; danger lying in wait; crafty; mysterious, strong self will; witchcraft; someone that is unattainable; unless personal pet. In the case of a personal pet, a cat can mean something or someone dear to your heart. A personal pet that is a leopard, the Lord could be a pet sin! (Jer. 5:6, 13: 23; Hos. 13: 7)
  • Cheetahs:  Unclean.
  • Chicken: Also Hen, Rooster, and Chick: A gatherer; to mother; Israel. (Luke 13: 34; 22: 34; Matt. 23: 27; John 18: 27)
  • Cow: Also Heifer, Bull, Calf and Cattle: The young: believers who are sanctified; agile; sacrifice; food; playful; Worship of golden: immorality; great sin; punishment; an apostasy; blood of is not sufficient; evil men; mighty men; God1 sacrifice and strength; ashes of sacrifice kept, mixed with water to purify; slaughtered and burned outside the camp; for sacrifice must be without blemish and never been in bondage to sin (never yoked); fall short of the sacrifice of Christ; expediency that is not proper; festive joy with shame. (Num. 18: 17; 19: 1-22; Lev. 9: 2-3; Amos 6: 4; Ps. 22: 13; 29: 6; 68: 30; Ex. 32: 4-6, 21-35; 1 Cor. 10: 6-8; Matt. 10: 29-30; Luke 15: 23, 27; Heb. 9: 13; 10: 4; Du. 33: 17; Is. 34: 6-7; Gen. 15: 9; Judges 14: 18; Jer. 50: 11)
  • Crocodile: Bending; crooked; meandering; snake; monster; devious; distorted; ancient demon; large, evil creature that cannot be tamed with the natural strength of man; principality; evil spirit; ancient demonic control; only the Lord has power over; dragon. (Is. 27: 1; 51: 9; Job 7: 12; 26: 12-13; 41: 1-10; Ps. 74: 14; 104: 26; Rev. 6: 7; 9: 1-19; 13: 1-18)
  • Deer: Seeking water; ability to leap; quickness in stride; comeliness; our soul longing for the Lord. (Is. 35: 6; Ps. 18: 32; 42: 1-2; Song 2: 17; 2 Sam. 22: 34)
  • Dinosaur: A high level of demonic attack; spiritual wickedness in high places; antichrist; Satan. (Rev. 12:3-9; 13: 2-4; 16: 1; 20: 2)
  • Dog: Note type of dog and relationship to dog: biting dog is dissension; hypocrite; attack against God’s work; accusation; if a personal pet: something or someone dear to your heart; personal pet that is a wolf: pet sin, or warning you of an attack on the sheep; Judases; watchman as in Elder or prophet as watchdog; returning to sin; false teachers. (Prov. 26: 11-17; Phil. 3:2; Ez. 3: 17; Gal. 5 15; Ps. 22: 16; Rev. 22: 15; 2 Peter 2: 22; Matt. 7: 6)
  • Donkey: Also Mule: Hard headed; endurance; self-willed, single-minded, determined, and unyielding; riding: victory over self-will and humility. (Ex. 4: 20; Mark 11: 2; Prov. 26: 3; Num. 22: 25; 2 Peter 2: 16; Hosea 8: 9)
  • Dragon: A high level of demonic attack; spiritual wickedness in high places; antichrist; Satan. (Rev. 12:3-9; 13: 2-4; 16: 1; 20: 2)
  • Dove: The Holy Spirit; peace and new life; a sin offering; burnt offering; cleansing; mercy. (Gen. 8: 8-12; Matt. 3: 16; 10: 16; Lev. 5: 7-14, 14: 21-22; John 1: 32)

E – F

  • Eagle: Soaring in the Spirit; good or evil leader; strength, power, and swiftness in both judgment and in delivering God's people from trouble; the United States of America; Prophet of God. (Isaiah 40: 31, 46: 11; Jer. 48: 40, Ez. 17: 3, 7; Ex. 19: 4; Rev. 12: 14)
  • Feathers: Protection; shield; provision of ability to fly and sore. (Ez. 17: 3-7; Ps. 91: 4; Dan. 4: 33)
  • Fowler: To mesmerize; to be trapped. (Ps. 91: 4)
  • Fish: The newly saved; men's souls; clean and unclean men or spirits; miraculous provision of food in mass. (Ez. 4: 19; Lev. 11: 9-12; Matt 4: 19; 17: 24)
  • Flea: Not substantial; annoyance; subtle; inconvenience. (1 Sam. 24: 14)
  • Fly: Beelzebub; Demons; corruption of the house or possession by demonic spirits of the person. (Ecc. 10: 1; Matt. 12: 24)
  • Fox: Also Jackal: Secret sins; crafty man; enemies of the cross; skill for evil; desolation and crying in the night; divining prophets; suck the life flow from lambs (blood). (Jer. 9: 11; Rev. 13: 11; Is. 35: 6-7; Ez. 13: 4-6; Song 2: 15; Luke 13: 32)
  • Frog: Demon spirits; lying nature; sorcery; speaking curses. (Rev. 16: 13; Ex. 8: 1-15; Ps. 78: 45)

G – L

  • Grasshopper: Also Locust: Trouble and devastation to crops; instrument of God's judgment upon nations that are rebellious; destroyer; subordinate position; numbers of a mighty army; encumberment; trivial; good for eating. (Ex. 10: 1-20; Rev. 9: 7-11;Is. 40: 22; Num. 13: 33; Joel 2: 1-11, 25; Lev. 11: 20-23; Mark 1: 6; Ecc. 12: 5)
  • Goat: Carnal, fleshly Christians; unbelief; Christian or group of Christians walking in sin; the cursed, scapegoat or goat of removal showing that our sins have been removed as far as the east is from the west; opposite of lambs; carriers of sin; our need to obtain forgiveness of sin; mixed with sheep, but not called the shepherds own. (Ex. 25: 4; Matt. 25: 31-46; Lev. 16: 8, 15, 20-22; Ps. 103: 12; Heb. 13: 12)
  • Hare: See Rabbit.
  • Horse: Instruments of battle; power and strength of the flesh; time period of work; a powerful work of God on the earth, in the Spirit; tenaciousness, single-mindedness, and aggressiveness; in transportation: battle; not to trust in over the name of the Lord. (This would carry over into our modern day weapons and modes of transport.) (Job 39: 19; Ps. 32: 9; 33: 17; 66: 12; Prov. 26: 3; Jer. 5: 8; 8: 6; Rev. 6: 1-8; 19: 11, 14, 19, 21; Zech. 1: 8; 10: 3; 2 Kings 2: 11; Hos. 14: 3; James 3: 3; Amos 8: 11; John 16: 2)
    Different color horses are important: Black:
    Famine; evil. Bay (flame-colored): Anointing, power, fire. Pale: Death. Red: Persecution, bloodshed; enemy warring against God's people. White: War of conquest; God's mighty army)
  • Lamb: Also Sheep: Jesus as our sacrifice; true believers; gentleness; blamelessness and purity led to the slaughter; saints; the church; Israel. (Is. 53: 7; 2 Sam. 2: 17; Luke 10: 3;Matt. 10: 6; 25: 33; John 1: 29, 36; 1 Peter 1: 19)
  • Leopards: Creature that cannot be tamed with the natural strength of man; demon; evil spirit; ancient demonic control; only the Lord has power over. (Job 41: 1-10; Ps. 74: 14; 104: 26)
  • Leviathan: Bending; crooked; meandering; snake; monster; devious; distorted; ancient demon; large, evil creature that cannot be tamed with the natural strength of man; principality; evil spirit; ancient demonic control; only the Lord has power over; dragon. (Is. 27: 1; 51: 9; Job 7: 12; 26: 12-13; 41: 1-10; Ps. 74: 14; 104: 26; Rev. 6: 7; 9: 1-19; 13: 1-18)
  • Lice: Accusation; shame; plague. (Ex. 8: 16-18)
  • Lion: Jesus; conqueror; overcoming bold saints; Satan the devourer; warrior; transformation; victory; persecution; dominions of the world; antichrist. (Ez. 1: 10; Prov. 28: 1;30: 30; Is. 11: 6-8; John 18: 37; Rev. 5: 5; 13: 2; 17: 14; 19: 16; 1 Peter 5: 8; Ps. 22: 13; 91: 13; Dan. 7: 1-4)
  • Locusts: See Grasshopper. Pig: Also Sow and Swine: An unclean (fleshly) people; legalistic Christians; dull minded to spiritual things; phony and hypocritical; a foolish woman; false teachers; detestable things. (Matt. 7: 6; Prov. 11: 22; Is. 65: 4; 66: 3; 2 Peter 2: 22; Ps. 80: 13)

M – Z

  • Owl: Also Liliths, Screech Owls and Night Hags: Wisdom through earthly means or from above; evil spirit; unclean spirit; night creature; routinely secluded. (Is. 13: 21; 34: 13-14; 43: 20; Ps. 102: 6; Job 30: 29)
  • Rabbit: Also Hare: Satan; evil spirits; pagan celebration of Easter; rapid multiplication. (Du. 14: 7; Lev. 11:6; Josh. 19: 20)
  • Raven: See buzzard. Sparrow: Provision; food; God's care for his creation. ( Matt. 10: 29-30) Wings: Refuge; God's presence; safety; ability to fly away and escape danger. (Ps. 91: 4, 17: 8, 61: 4)
  • Scorpion: Evil spirits; sin nature; burdens that are heavy; lust of the flesh; deception; a stringing deadly pain; satanic; spirit of the antichrist; poisonous. (Luke 10: 19; Rev. 9: 3, 5, 10; 1 Cor. 15: 56; Rom. 7: 23; 1 Kings 12: 11; Du. 8: 15; 2 Chron. 10: 11)
  • Serpent: Satan; earthly, sensual wisdom; crafty and cunning; Christ made sin for us; cursed; criticism and gossip, persecution if viper; divination if python or constrictor; beguiling; drunkenness; malice; evil that is sudden; enemies; vileness of hate of the sinner. (Gen. 3: 1; 49: 17; Rev. 12: 9; 20: 2; 20: 2; Mark 3: 7; Acts 16: 16; Matt. 10: 16; John 3: 14; Prov. 23: 31-32; Ps. 58: 3-4; Ecc. 10: 8; Is. 14: 29)
  • Sheep: See Lamb. Snake: See Serpent. Spider: False doctrine; unstable; without any deity; enticing demonic presence. (Is. 59: 5; Ecc. 7: 26; Job 8: 14; Prov. 8: 14; 27: 18; 30: 24)
  • Tigers: Also Cheetah, Leopards and Cats.
  • Wolf: Plan to destroy God's flock; deviant; wolf in sheep's clothing; brazen; false prophet; opportunistic; prowl around at night. (Matt. 7: 15; 10: 16; John 10: 12; Is. 11: 6; Jer. 5: 6)
  • Worm: Also Maggot: Detested: disease; humility; no dignity; filthiness of the flesh; destruction; eat off of flesh; destructive to vines and tree; likened to the misery and suffering of the lost soul in hell; crucified Messiah. (Ex. 16: 20; Du 28: 39; Is 14: 11, 66: 24, 51: 8; Job 25: 6; Ps. 22: 6; Mark 9

Examining your dreams through a biblical lens can help you understand what God might be saying to Key-to-Dreamsyou, and gain comfort and wisdom through His message.

In order to biblically interpret dreams, write down everything you can remember about the dream, like the people in it and the emotions you felt. Look for patterns in the details, including animals, numbers, and recurring colors. Think about what meaning these symbols have in scripture and what God could be telling you through them. Pray for guidance if you feel confused or worried about your dreams.

  1.  Dreams can consist of memories, current life events, or things that are yet to come. If you are younger and surrounded by people you used to know, the dream is probably in the past. If you are unsure where you are or who is around you, you may be dreaming about a time in the future (premonition dreams). God may give you a dream about an incident that happened in the past that’s hidden in your heart and that creates pain in your life so that you can then pray for healing.
  2. Pay attention and remember If you spoke or interacted with those around you, maybe you were just observing or witnessing the events, and they do not directly involve you. It may be more of a vision to warn you of some possible occurrence. If you feel you are the central figure in the dream, then it is most likely the dream is meant to influence you or your life (a premonition dream).
  3. Consider possible meanings of each symbol, particularly how they may relate to your situation in life. If you have a religious dream, it is likely that God has made the dream so that it will speak to you. If you examine the symbols enough you will likely find the hidden meaning that feels right and significant to you. Pray for God's guidance and know that dreams can take on a life of their own. As the days pass, new and significant revelations can come from studying old dreams that you have journaled about.


I pray, Lord, that Your truth will be revealed to all that seek You and Your purposes and meaning for their lives. When your message is shared with others, I pray that evil intent and deceit will fall away as dust to the ground and Your truth will be fruitful. May we glorify You in all that we say and do. In Jesus' name … Amen

As always … we encourage you to share your dreams or ask for interpretation in the comments section below. If you prefer to share your dream privately, you may email me at tammy@abetterlifeafter50.com.

We cherish your feedback and would love for you to leave a comment or question below. You can also share any information you feel we should add. AND … don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter in the right-hand sidebar.


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  1. I really enjoyed your article. Like you, I also believe that God speaks to us through dreams and visions as it says in Job 33:14-15.

    You also mentioned Joseph the Dreamer and Daniel, two of my favorite biblical characters, through whom God spoke to in dreams. And then there’s Joseph the husband of Mary.

    I really like how you put together the biblical dream symbols for all these animals, with complete biblical references. The Bible does mention a lot of animals but most Christians are not aware of what each of them symbolizes.

    I know some of the more common ones like ant, eagle, goat, lamb, serpent and sheep but I have no idea about the others. So thank you for doing a great job in putting this article together.

    By the way, do you believe that all of our dreams come from God? If not, how can we be sure that what we dreamed about is from God or not?

    1. Alice,

      Thank you for you comments and question.  I do NOT believe all dreams come from God.  I journal them all and pray over them.  The ones that don’t make any sense at all and slip away from memory with no trace are most likely just late night eating or stress relief through cleansing the mind and subconscious.  Our deepest time of healing comes during sleep, so it’s a cleansing time.

      The dreams that continue to come to mind in pieces or segments or dreams you have repeatedly are the ones I believe God is speaking to us through.  There was a time when I was younger that I consistently had dreams and many of them were premonition dreams.  I still dream, but my life is not as complicated now and as we mature we live more by faith or fall away and disregard God’s leading as much.

      As I go back through my journals, I can see where God was leading or knew I would need His encouragement and direction to get through, so he was giving me a peek to ease my fears or anxiety.  Maybe I needed His comfort and wisdom in making choices up the road.  Whatever it was, I was always comforted and uplifted knowing He was watching over me and would be there to help.  

      Pray for God to take away the memory of any dreams He did not send or wants to use.  He is a faithful Father and will protect and guide us.

      In Him,


  2. In the past.two months I have had 2 dreams about snakes. In the first my granddaughter and I are sitting across from each other in our living room. From nowhere a snake with legs and a dragons head runs across the couch where she is sitting over to me. It looks me in the eyes then touched my fist with it’s tongue 3.times, almost.as if it is tasting me, it then turns around and runs off. A week ago I dreamed we were in our home and walked in a room with a Christmas tree, curled halfway around the bottom of the tree was a big brown snake. We lefy the room and came back In, the brown snake had moved to the center of the room and lay there as if asleep, beside it was a much smaller white snake with colorful stripes (red, black, yellow and green) with its head raised and staring. We left the room and the dream ended. I was not afraid in these dreams but am concerned and.troubled.by them

    1. Hi Sherry. Thank you for sharing your dreams! I apologize for not responding sooner. We were out of country when I saw your post and I couldn’t get logged in to respond.

      First, if you haven’t journaled your dream, please do remembering to note your feelings, colors, vivid impressions, people, locations … was it light or dark? All of these things can turn a message in a different direction. Also, remember that any symbolism would be specific to you (the dreamer) and what I interpret a symbol to mean may be different from what you think it means. Your spirit will bring truth to light and you will know the truth when you see or hear it.

      Home: Dwelling place, Sanctuary, family, could also be referencing one’s character or reputation.

      Granddaughter: This represents to me someone who is inheriting a blessing or iniquity, someone who rises up out of your ministry or purpose in life. It could have a double meaning and actually be your granddaughter. Sitting across from each other (in opposition, confrontation. The living room (what is in that room and what is it used for … formal occasions or is it more of a family room?) in my house it’s a formal room used only at big family functions when everyone won’t fit in the family room. So it’s not somewhere family normally gathers and would indicate a place outside of “the heart” of the home. Was the living room light or dark? That will also give you more direction along with how you were feeling while this was going on.

      Snake – Satan, Earthly, sensual wisdom, crafty and cunning. Criticism and gossip, enemies, hatred. This is something that bypasses the “granddaughter” and runs to you in attack (maybe on her/its behalf and maybe she/it is too strong for it to attack her/it).

      Legs – Gives it human abilities. So I would say it’s a person who appears to be something they are not.
      Dragon head – A high level of demonic attack. Spiritual wickedness in high places.
      Looks you in the eyes – looking into your soul. It has an unnatural desire for your possessions (could be spiritual possessions).
      Fist – Warrior’s instrument of labor.
      The number three (3) signifies completeness, witness, Godhead, perfection, resurrection power over sin, divine fullness.
      Runs off – no destruction or loss. No fight. Realized your power/protection and left.

      Which room held the Christmas tree? Was it brightly decorated? Was the room light or dark? How did you feel?

      Christmas tree – can be celebration, false-worship, self-glory. A tree refers to an individual person or church, leaders, sanctuary, power of evil people.

      Big brown snake – brown signifies withered life, without spirit, dead works. We already know the snake signifies evil. It appears that there is something evil attacking the church, leaders or celebration that is close to the roots of whatever is being attacked.

      Left the room and came back to find the snake moved to the center of the room deceitfully “sleeping”. Making you believe it was up to nothing at that time.

      Smaller snake (awake and watching) – White can be purity that dispels the darkness, but not usually associated with a snake. White can also be purely evil. I would say that is what this is referencing. Red signifies warfare, sacrifice, passion, forgiveness, deep sins. Black is ignorance, sin, judgment of God, darkness. Yellow – Something good, honor, infirmity or sin. Green signifies life and can reference a good life or evil life, life of the flesh. It appears this little snake is possibly something/someone young that has the appearance of good, but is built in a life of sin/evil and is possibly steeped in ignorance, darkness and is facing God’s judgment. Brought in by the older “snake” to infiltrate and bring judgement to the “family”.

      I’m glad you noted that you were not afraid in the dreams … that shows you were being observant and open to God showing you what is occurring or will occur. It’s God’s insight for you to know what He is doing in and around your life.

      Pray for guidance and know He is aware and is not surprised by the events and people in our lives.

      He is our strength and is ALWAYS for us!

      I hope this helps. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

      In His love,


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